Ralph Dorey

Becoming Ahuman: making it desirable to abandon certainty, including certainty of the self, and play in this chaotic situation

This research explores art practice that us es the ludic - or emergent, desire driven activity - and the Abject - or the breakdown between the self a nd the intolerable - as a strategy of diversity and emancipation. Through my own studio practice, including existing and new collaborative partnerships, I explore how traditional subjects of horror media such as the psychological, ph ysical or political O ther are found, implied or adopted in ludic forms of practice such as improvisation. I e xamine how horrific play (to play with horror, to become and transform horror), is a mode of rea ppropriating the Othering which renders difference (in terms of disability, race, gender, sexuality etc) as a non-human or non-subject. This research explores play as an art practice tool of the non-human or non-subject, it examines how those allocated that position have used it, and they might utilise it further.


I am an artist and researcher based in Gateshead. My work is concerned with post-human monster-magic, ludic antifa and the severed hand of Capital.




Recent projects include "The Heartbeat of Kong or More Mouse Bites" at The Royal Geographical Society, "Green Fuzz" at Xero, Kline & Coma (both London) and "Chaotic Good: Crabhead / Collaborative Princess / Lumpy Oracle" at Gallery North, Newcastle. Uma Breakdown is included in "The Body That Remains", published by Punctum in 2017.