Crystal Bennes

Crystal Bennes is an American-born artist and writer based in Scotland. Her mixed media practice is grounded in long-term projects that foreground archival research , durational fieldwork and material experimentation.

Thesis Title: Indirect observations and cultural translations: contemporary art, particle physics, hidden nature and scientific objectivity

This thesis explores the ways in which art practices can engage with sciences, more precisely how my practice engages with the field of particle physics. Rather than define itself as interdisciplinary ‘sciart’ or ‘art-science’, the thesis argues instead for an innovative approach. Informed by the feminist works of Sandra Harding, Sharon Traweek and Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, this approach explores a novel mode for art to engage with science, constructed as if there were no significant difference between an artist and a science studies researcher.

Award Date: 30/12/2021

Principal Supervisor: Julie Crawshaw