Matthew Gansallo

DR. Matthew Gansallo

Matthew Gansallo is a Curator, Artist, Architect Designer and Museologist. He was Senior Management Fellow 1998-2001 at Tate Britain London. He is the first curator of Tate Net Art Exhibition 2000. Education and Interpretation Consultant at Tate Britain and Modern London, 2001-2003. He worked at the British Museum (2004-2010) and the Natural History Museum London (2010-2015) as the founder and director of the highly successful Young Graduates YGMG Education Programme, working with 11 National Educational Museums and over 50 UK secondary schools and 20 universities in London and Europe. He founded the History, Culture and Heritage institute Nigeria (HCHIN) 2017-present.

Thesis Title: Digital and traditional art curatorial practice: connectivity and distribution in postcolonial Museums/Art Galleries in West Africa and Europe

This thesis aims to define new methods and models of curating that can be adopted with digital curating to reach a wider audience and to readdress and redefine the western model of curating. Re define with methods and models that will be applicable to countries and for this thesis West African countries of which the western concept of curating in museums and galleries have either failed or have proved to be non-effective and biased towards a presumed post and neo colonial audience. This thesis will critical view new media as an agent of connectivity of art works and collections for an audience who do not adhere to the western museum/gallery concept through digital curating. Digital curating is defined as the re-curating of physical exhibitions and collections digitally for virtual transmission through most internet and world wide web. This will lead to questions around museums and art gallery curating practice globally taking into consideration the constant ‘bridging the gap’ ideology and colonial and post-colonial practice of curating in Europe and some countries in West Africa.

Award Date: 01/10/2018

Principal Supervisor: Professor Beryl Graham

Second Supervisor: Dr Alexandra Moschovi